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Get To understand Your Competition

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Odds are your competitors are already victimization social media, which suggests that you'll be able to learn from what they’re doing.


Conduct A Competitive Analysis


A competitive analysis permits you to understand who the competition is and what they’re doing well and not so well. You’ll get a decent sense of what’s expected in your industry, which can assist you to set social media targets of your own.


It'll Additionally Assist You To Spot Opportunities.


Perhaps one amongst your competitors is dominant on Facebook, for example, however, has placed very little effort into Twitter or Instagram. you would possibly wish to specialize in the networks wherever your audience is underserved, instead of making an attempt to win fans far from a dominant player.


Use Social Media Listening


Social listening is otherwise to stay a watch on your competitors.


Do searches of the competition’s company name, account handles, and different relevant keywords on social media. establish what they’re sharing and what people are language regarding them.


As you track, you will notice shifts in how your competitors and business leaders are victimization physical media. you will bump into new, exciting trends. Or, you would possibly spot a selected post or campaign that actually hits the mark or entirely bombs.


Use this sort of intel to tell your own social media selling strategy.



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